Make a change in the lives of many. There are many ways you can donate. These options are listed below:

*Donate to the Foundation as a whole
*Donate to the Foundation and to children / families who are on the WFBSB website and flyers
dividing whatever the amount you choose and noting their names.
*Donate to an Individual only who is listed on the WFBSB website and flyers
by noting their name on your donation or going to their online donation site.

 All funding is given to help families seek alt. treatments and therapies to improve or decrease
complications of Spina Bifida.If you would like to donate to help the foundation in its early stages, please
feel free to contact us as we appreciate any help available. There is a lot involved in setting up a foundation and when
we work together...nothing is impossible!

We are an official 501c3 nonprofit. Any donations made can be considered tax deductible. Request your donation receipt.

 We greatly appreciate any therapy equipment donations, etc. Please contact us if you have special devices that could benefit others.