Helping children and adults born with spina bifida to reach their God given potential by fighting complications, advocating for whatever is needed to improve current function or abilities and preparing for future Possibilities...


This 501c3 nonprofit foundation was created in 2011 by a small group of moms whose children were born with spina bifida. We are dedicated to finding alternative treatments and therapies for adults and children as well as spreading awareness about the birth defect. WFBSB FOUNDATION is the first of its kind created for spina bifida supporting families in many ways over a wide range of categories. We ARE the spina bifida advocates!  While we support the U.S. in finding a cure, we are here to make a difference in lives now. Our children, especially, need so much attention to their bodies in order to keep them growing and well proportioned in preparation for a cure.  It is important that we find any and all safe and non-invasive methods to do so. We have faith in God alone, who has supplied all of our needs and has answered so many prayers and we desire to spread our hope and faith to anyone in need. WFBSB FOUNDATION was not only created to inform others on what therapies and treatments are helping, but also to provide grants or financial assistance and support to families who are in need of medical treatments, therapies, medical stay, equipment or anything related to this condition that is not covered by insurance. We have seen so many miracles in the lives of many and we want this to happen for everyone! Please stay updated on the progress of children who are pursuing a range of therapies by joining our group and page on Facebook.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A BIG THANK YOU TO:

                                                                                          FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK IN GRANTING WISHES FOR

                                                                                            CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD INCLUDING SOME OF OUR                                                                                          VERY OWN WARRIOR FAMILIES KIDS! ALSO A BIG THANK YOU                                                                                      TO UNCLE SI ROBERTSON AND FAMILY!