WFBSB has so many generous families and are very willing to help in any way to change the lives of many who suffer from spina bifida. This includes donating old equipment (wheelchairs, braces, walkers, etc.) to others in need who are having a hard time getting doctors to support their desire to help their child walk. Anyone who has a child with Spina Bifida understands that things can be very time sensitive and it is best to work with a child while they are very small in order to build strength and muscle among other things. There are some doctors who are very supportive, but in some cases there are doctors who for whatever reason are not "on the ball." We will have eachother to lean on. Connect with our facebook group to get into close contact with families if you are in need of something they may have! Look for Warrior Families Beating Spina Bifida on facebook. If you do not have facebook, fill in the contact form and we will work as hard as we can to find you what you need! Please contact us if you have any equipment you would like to donate!

Update: Capitol Prosthetics in Zanesville, Ohio is willing to donate lots of pediatric braces, etc. to help this foundation!

Donor is Mindy Dufresne - Outer leg braces 19.5" / Inner 17"/ 6.5 in foot

*Contact us to get in contact with Mindy